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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Grass Pains

I don't know what gremlin inhabits my mower. What or whoever it may be it bends blades. Today while trying to stay ahead of the green tide I noticed the cut was far shorter on the right than on the left. When I looked I saw the right blade of the riding mower was bent down to nearly touching the ground. How can hardened steel bend just mowing grass? Is it a mystery or a secret power my wife uses? To keep peace I will call it a mystery.

Inagurated a new member into Wisconsin FOG today. FOG is Fast Old Guys. Scott drives a Buell and does it well. It was time for him to get his shirt. When I watch him it seems he wants to dominate the machine rather than flow with it as a dancing partner. Still, he is getting faster. A sportbike handlebar, a rapier or a bird, they are similar. Clutch too tightly and it is choked. Hold too loosely and it will fly. Riding can be exercise but it should not be work. I have not followed his wife recently. She is getting more competent. She has a beautiful Ducati 900 SuperSport FE. Scott said she is getting faster. I hope to watch her soon. I like it when my friends ride about like I ride, moderately sporty but not dangerously. Crashing hurts, and it is embarrassing.


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