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Philosophy and motorcycles are two of my favorite things in life. This blog will be bits of wisdom gleaned from a misspent youth and an adventurous dotage. People who like/love wisdom or motorcycles, classic or modern versions of either, are welcome to visit and comment.

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I have been married to the same lovely woman for decades. We have one son, two cats, and live in rural Wisconsin, USA. I ride and rebuild motorcycles, and I am semi-retired. Favorite bikes are Yamaha XS650, FJ1200 and Ducati 900SS. My wife is a home care nurse. I am a Myers-Briggs INTP. She is ESFJ. Our son works at the Apple store in downtown SF and is teaching English as a second language in San Francisco, no grandchildren.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's a whole new world from when I was a child. In fact, it's a whole new world since 20 years ago. Case in point; my son who lives in Japan, just launched a site called It's all about how Japanese kids poke each other, and attempt to poke him - in the butt. It's seen as a sign of familiarity, just like the butt pat in American football I suppose. Strange but true.


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