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Sunday, July 13, 2008


When I was younger there were frequent debates around campus about the sounds of various systems. Are Akai tape decks better than TEAC? Do you really need a Phase Linear amplifier? Are Harmon Kardon better than Marantz receivers? The debate over speakers was most intense. Voice of the Theater were the hot ticket but too large and expensive for most of us. AR speakers of almost any size were considered premium, Altec Lansing also. Endless discussions over coffee.

The same is true about guitars, Fender vs Gibson etc. I don't hear those debates these days. I do, however, hear the occasional discussion of motorcycle sounds. Most people, other than Harley drivers, don't seem too concerned about the sound of a motorcycle. People buy any of a variety of pipes but more often based on performance claims than on sound quality. There does not seem to be any consensus about brand.

Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned but the sound of a motorcycle is important to me. And for my money there is nothing quite like a Bevel Drive Desmodue with Termignoni pipes or a belt drive Desmodue with Microns. Between the sharp bellow of the intake and the dragon breath growl of the exhaust there just isn't another machine that makes that same music. It's the main reason I keep my Ducati 900SS. Mine is tweaked a bit and drilled for safety wire although I have removed the wire. That's a bit too obvious and not needed these days of street only use. But the Microns remain and sound glorious. The Harley crowd doesn't seem impressed and I don't expect that. I like Harleys but I love the Desmo sound. I hope some sympathetic soul has the good sense to put the last gallon of gas into an old Ducati Desmo. When the sun goes down on gasoline burning motorcycles I hope it does so to the tune of a rattling clutch and the bellow of Microns.


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