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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today I had a glitch in my wetware. Computers have hardware and software. The brain is mostly water so I think of it as wetware. The glitch was my not understanding that I have been relegated to the sub-status of trailer trash.
We live in a Marshfield pre-built with full basement. I am happy with it as we live in the north and it is well insulated and comfortable in winter. I have not thought of it as a trailer but today I found out different. The faucet assembly for the bathtub sprung a minor leak. When removed it was obvious it would be easier to replace than to try to fix it. Zero maintenance means when it breaks it can't be fixed. I went to the local hardware store and found out that all the faucet assemblies had the three pipes in a straight line. Mine had the center one about an inch lower. The clerk took one look at it and said "Oh, that's trailer."
Knowing that there is a large "trailer park" in the next town I assumed that the hardware stores there would carry the appropriate piece. Wrong again. Same answer. "That's trailer." Being mildly irritated by this time I said "Actually it's from a Marshfield pre-fab home." His reply, "We don't stock trailer parts."
I eventually went to one of the major big box stores and found two matching items behind the rows of dozens of various faucet assemblies for "real houses." There was only one style and only two of them. I bought one and headed for home, 25 miles away.
When I got home and opened the package I found that it was missing one piece. The hot water valve popped off in my hand as the missing piece was the plastic nut that holds the valve in place. CRAP! Back to the store. Luckily no other unfortunate soul had bought the remaining unit. I traded for the faucet assembly with all its parts and returned home. It installed easily and I was finally able to have running water again.
I can't think of any reason to have all the tub faucets in America universal except those that are used in "trailers" other than to identify shoppers as "trailer folks." At least they didn't have security follow me through the store or clerks direct me toward the beer nuts.


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