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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'sno good

Winter, too cold to work in the shop. Cycle building will wait for awhile. Inside projects for now. Current project is an old J. P. Sauer drilling. For cycle people who aren't into guns a drilling is a hunting gun with two shotgun barrels over a rifle barrel, hence dri, three. This Sauer is in 16x16 over 9.3x72R, an obsolete rifle caliber. Luckily ammunition is still available but it isn't cheap. This Sauer was in need of repairs most of which are now done. The forearm was missing so a new one needed to be carved, fit and the brackets made. The latch was available but the part that matches to the receiver had to be made. It had the usual problems of a neglected gun. Luckily the bores are ok. All in all an interesting challenge and a fine shooting piece.

I'm definitely not interested in the modern ugly black guns. The old doubles, cape guns and drillings are things of beauty to me. Form and function come together in a superb hunting tool. There are a number of varieties. I favor the old open hammer guns. These are pure hunting weapons and have neither the shape nor function for defense, offense or military purpose. As a veteran of war I try to stay away from anything military. I'm not anti-military but the purpose of the military is to protect us so that we don't have to protect ourselves. It is to keep enemies from invading our home. Same with police. Hence I trust our military to do its job so I don't need to do it. I have no need for a pseudo-military weapon. I'm in my seventh decade. If the bad guys get to my yard it will be too late in any event. Three shots will be as effective as a machine gun.

Whether motorcycles or old guns I like and appreciate fine machines and good workmanship. I look forward to spring. I seldom hunt these days but I do occasionally take my gun for a walk.



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