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Philosophy and motorcycles are two of my favorite things in life. This blog will be bits of wisdom gleaned from a misspent youth and an adventurous dotage. People who like/love wisdom or motorcycles, classic or modern versions of either, are welcome to visit and comment.

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I have been married to the same lovely woman for decades. We have one son, two cats, and live in rural Wisconsin, USA. I ride and rebuild motorcycles, and I am semi-retired. Favorite bikes are Yamaha XS650, FJ1200 and Ducati 900SS. My wife is a home care nurse. I am a Myers-Briggs INTP. She is ESFJ. Our son works at the Apple store in downtown SF and is teaching English as a second language in San Francisco, no grandchildren.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


#1 is cooking supper, Persian Jewel Rice. He worked for awhile at a Persian cafe in Madison, WI and learned to like, and then to make, Persian food. His cooking is always excellent.
Today we went on a walking tour here in San Francisco. The weather was quite chilly with a wind but the tour and tour guide were both very good. In previous trips to SF I was never on a historic tour. There is a lot to learn about the history of this fine city. I didn't realize that much of the eastern edge of old town is built on top of the remains of ships abndoned by crews who ran to the gold fields. We crossed Balance street, named after the ship Balance which is burried beneath fill.

It is possible to spend one's entire life in SF without ever having to learn English. There are ethnic communities of so many various nationalities it is truly cosmopolitan. Riding down Market Street we passed cafes of a dozen ethnic origins as well as specialty grocery stores to accomodate localsof each group. The street scene is rich with language and smells unknown in the far north where I live. The scents fascinate me. We had noon lunch at a vegan Mexican restaurant. My meal will remain in memory for some time. The food was delicious. Being exposed to the new is the highlight of travel for me. Although there are some things people eat that I am reluctant to put in my mouth for the most part each nationality has dishes of unique character that are wonderful even to the uneducated palate. I've got to learn to be a better cook.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Big Trip

Good morning. 0630 PCT. I'm in San Francisco for awhile. A friend just wrote that it is 7 degrees F in Wisconsin today. It's about 50 here. It's raining a bit but I won't have to call the rain plow or scrape the rain off a windshield this morning. So far it's been a good trip. Went to the Apple store to check lectures pertaining to Ipad. #1 (our son) and I got my wife an Ipad for the holidays. So far she has had a zillion questions but they are very patient at the store.

There are times when I visit the city that I think I'd really like to live here. I've been here for seven or eight new year's eve celebrations so far, starting in 1966. It is my favorite city by far. Sometimes I think I look like a rube from some bucollic backroad. (I am) Sometimes I feel like I could easily belong here and plant roots.

#1 has been here two years now and has grown into quite a man. He's got the education of a geek and the soul of a guru.
Hard to find words that adeqauately describe him. Like most of us he's a walking contradiction, partly truth partly fiction. I remember that phrase from an old song. Chris Kristofferson I think. In any event thanks to whoever planted that seed in my brain.

I'll be here about another week and then it is back to the north. I face a real emotional storm when I get home. I retired and there are going to be some serious changes in my life. For one thing I will need to learn to live on a rather tight budget.
Luckily I have about 30 projects to finish and most of them will produce at least some income. It's hard to live on SS.

By any world standard I am wealthy and I need to remember that. To separate needs from wants is an important survival skill.
Beyond the basics more stuff and more money just become an anchor.

Be well, do good.