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Philosophy and motorcycles are two of my favorite things in life. This blog will be bits of wisdom gleaned from a misspent youth and an adventurous dotage. People who like/love wisdom or motorcycles, classic or modern versions of either, are welcome to visit and comment.

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I have been married to the same lovely woman for decades. We have one son, two cats, and live in rural Wisconsin, USA. I ride and rebuild motorcycles, and I am semi-retired. Favorite bikes are Yamaha XS650, FJ1200 and Ducati 900SS. My wife is a home care nurse. I am a Myers-Briggs INTP. She is ESFJ. Our son works at the Apple store in downtown SF and is teaching English as a second language in San Francisco, no grandchildren.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Gremlins have been attacking in force lately. I have a Gold Wing apart in the shop and have gotten either wrong or damaged parts for it three times. Still waiting for correct parts to arrive. I sold a Yamaha XS650 to a young man. It had always been a reliable motorcycle. Right after he got it the thing developed a major oil leak. I don't have time to overhaul an engine right now so I replaced the engine with a much better engine. Hence I didn't make anything on that transaction. Then I put my '72 Yamaha XS2 up for sale and the same day it started to drool out of the head gasket. I took it back off the market and will pull the engine on that, replace the head gasket, touch up the valves while I'm in there, and probably do some cosmetics on the engine. Why is it that I think if I put my anvil up for sale it would develop a rattle? I haven't decided what to do with the Honda 500T. I'd sorta like to cafe it but I have no Honda parts and I'm not that familiar with Honda 450/500 twins. To the back of the line with it. I've other projects. I am having fun riding around on the '73 TX650. That one is a marvelous motorcycle for legal speeds. The roads around here still have a lot of winter sand so I am very careful on the back roads. Days are chilly but not cold. We have had some wonderful weather for March and April. The political scene concerns me but I don't let it interfere with my happiness. The level of BS from the right is so deep I'd need seven league boots just to walk through the crap. I wish the country would wake up to the fact that those who manipulate money don't actually produce anything. One spud farmer produces more wealth than all the bankers in Boston. Time to get to work. LN


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