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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

It was a quiet weekend on the pretty side of the river. The Packers won and the Vikings, well let's just say they tried hard. My wife was off for the weekend so she and the Lefse Ladies made lefse. I asked her how many Lefse Ladies there are now. If the number ever gets to 12 I intend to make a calendar of them. They are the last of a grand history of Norsk traditional food. Gone are the days when Lars or Olga would get up from the milking stool and say "Ya boy I'm starvin' fer somea dat lutefisk." To be answered by "So, are we gonna eat then?" I am not sure how much time between the question and "then" transpired. People of the far North have a strong sense of delayed gratification. It comes from spending half of life waiting for enough light and warmth to enjoy the other half. Later this week we will binge on cholesterol and tryptophan and probably watch the Badgers, who also won this week, or some other group of testosterone laden young men flip a coin and then spend the next two hours trying to get the quarterback. Part of spectating these events from home usually involves a nap, and such a golden happy hour is worth far more than a quarter. I hope the Thanksgiving holiday isn't spoiled by some foolishness like another political debate. The fluffy questions are meaningless and the answer to any substantial question in a debate is totally predictable and hence, meaningless. I agree with the cartoonist who wrote that at the end of any such debate we should execute the candidate who made the least sense. After the usual Monday perusal of mail I will probably continue to work on my latest shop project. There's a long way to go on the chopper. I am almost done with the welding and about half way on the bodywork. I'm sketching headlight ideas, trying to decide on a final design. That's what winter is for, building new things to enjoy in the new year. Be well, do good.


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