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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More worries.

What's that strange smell and other thoughts. 9 out of 10 preschoolers' lunches reach unsafe temperatures, reported MSNBC. OMG our children will die of tainted school lunches! In other news Rick Perry, speaking about global warming research said, "Scientists manipulate facts to keep the money flowing." Hot damn. You don't suppose political candidates would stoop to such tactics. And now the good news The archives of general medicine reported that coffee drinkers copulate more frequently and enjoy it more than non coffee drinkers. Thanks a latte for that news. So now in addition to baby kneepads ( so they don't damage those tender knees ) we should worry about little kids getting sick from lunches packed by devoted mothers. Give me a break. When I was young dad smoked in the house, I ate whatever was around, we carried lunch through 6th grade and there were no seat belts. Statistically I should be dead. Maybe I am. Another interesting statistic, more than 99% of the people every born are dead so the chances are 99 to 1 that I am one of the dead. Another thing to worry about. I have more than the average number of fingers. Something tells me that there are a lot of people who don't have enough real problems. Or perhaps it is just easier to worry about the temperature of school lunches than it is about our deteriorating education system. I predict another earthquake brought on by the "It's Your" fault line running under Washington. Meanwhile I'm just quietly living in rural Wisconsin and drinking coffee. My wife is off to a lutefisk dinner so I hope the effects of the coffee don't kick in until morning.


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