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Friday, November 14, 2008


I, among many, am glad the election is over. I cringed during the later days when one candidate accused the other of wanting to redistribute wealth. During the past 7 years there has been a consistent redistribution of wealth upward to the richest few. It may be the greatest redistribution of wealth ever but I think the Soviet breakup was far worse. In any event I know our income has not kept up with inflation and we're stuck with a huge national debt. Oh well, my shop is warm and I have projects to finish. Life is good.

I am to the final stages of assembly of my Moto Guzzi T3. I enjoy this stage of the work. It is down to little things that take time and don't show much but these are the details that make it a nice machine. I don't want a show bike. I don't want a motorcycle I can't take down a gravel road on a rainy day. I like them nice, not perfect. I drive my machines and that means they will get the occasional nick, chip or bit of dirt in an area difficult to reach. So be it. These are kinetic objects not static art. It is good to see the parts redistributed from the boxes to their various places on the machine.

My son moved to the west coast and I hope to visit him this winter. It will be good to have a break from the severe northern weather. I will post pictures of the T3 soon. Meanwhile keep warm, stay busy and keep in touch.



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